About Us

Starting back in 1978, we developed our car protection products and service programs in response to consumer demand. If we have learned anything over the years it is to stick close to our roots.

The needs of our clients drive our business. Listening to what they have to say and responding effectively to their needs is the driving force behind our quality car protection products and reputation for exceptional customer service.

Industry leadership requires that we stand behind our products and continually expand our capabilities to address unique problems with extraordinary solutions in an ever-changing industry.

The PermaPlate Mission

Our Mission is to offer superior automotive protection products, together with a comprehensive warranty, knowledgeable customer service and exceptional support.

We are committed to both customer and dealer satisfaction.

We will continually work to maintain our belief that we are best in class.



Message From the CEO

PermaPlate’s number one priority has always been, and will always be, the same - to provide quality automotive protection products and service to our customers.

Since 1978, it has been my personal commitment to see to it that improvements and advancements to our PermaPlate products are made when necessary as well as ensuring that consistency in product quality and customer service is maintained.

PermaPlate continues to grow with the needs of our customers without compromising PermaPlate’s longstanding high standards and values. This is the philosophy that has earned us our excellent reputation and will continue to be our hallmark into the future.

Willard A. Nisson