Solar Plate Ceramic

Our high performance IR window tints are designed to lower your car’s interior surface temperatures by as much as 29°. Unlike metallic based tint products, SolarPlate’s proprietary non-metalized, nonconductive nano-ceramic technology won’t interfere with any wireless devices that you rely on in your vehicle. Choose SolarPlate IR Window Tint and be confident that you are offering your customers the very best window tint on the market today.

IR 9036Solar Plate Ceramic 90% 36" X 100' ROLL$0.00
IR 8036Solar Plate Ceramic 80% 36" X 100' ROLL$0.00
IR 5540Solar Plate Ceramic 55% 40" X 100' ROLL$0.00
IR 3520Solar Plate Ceramic 35% 20" X 100' ROLL$0.00
IR 3540Solar Plate Ceramic 35% 40" X 100' ROLL$0.00
IR 1740Solar Plate Ceramic 17% 40" X 100' ROLL$0.00
IR 0536Solar Plate Ceramic 5% 36" X 100' ROLL$0.00

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